Friday, July 19, 2013

Creating Individuality with the language of Design

This weeks healthy dose of inspiration comes from a broad topic – Styles and Movements in Design and Art.

Much of the trends that cross multiple disciplines like art, fashion and interior design typically draw from a pallet of different styles or art movements. Individually and socially we explore these styles, from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive.

Graphic Design often draws from other types of design and art styles to achieve a look that is recognizable as being more formal, informal, casual, trendy, grungy, professional, sleek, rhythmic, or humorous... to name a few. The language of graphic design provides a vehicle for the message to be delivered regardless of style. Use of the wrong style inspiration can mislead the audience to what the service or brand is advertising so style should be chosen carefully.

When I say that I create content driven design it means that the language of graphic design isn't self referencing, it doesn't use the style as a crutch. Great design uses the appropriate design diction so that the ideas remain main ingredient, the star, and focus. You walk away remembering first what you saw or read, feeling why it was important, and responding to how great it was presented. You remember them In that order rather than just how cool it looked. Good design never outshines the content, it makes the content shine!

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