Friday, July 12, 2013

Metro to Mesquite

TGIF! As we gear up for sunny summer weekend days and warm starry nights I anticipate returning on Monday filled with color and life. One of my most favorite sources of inspiration as of late is the great outdoors. Almost one year ago I moved to sunny southern Utah and It has brought me so much closer to nature. Having lived in concrete jungles for 36 years it was always a gritty and playful juxtoposition of nature and the city. Trees and flowers growing out of cracks in the sidewalk always put a smile on my face. Nature at the edge just waiting to take back the city. I needed open air. I needed to feel the sun and see the stars and feel small again.

I never thought I would like living outside a big city but here I am in this vast dessert landscape, at home in a small town carved into a valley that was once the bottom of an ocean! Its July so i'ts HOT but DRY. Surrounded by majestic mountains and forrests, ancient petroglyphs, and dianosaur tracks, animals, insects at every turn from beautiful bright blue dragonflies to the occasional mooing cow, lol but thats a whole other story.

Get outside friends! Get your nature on and have a great weekend!

xo —elie

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